Bonjour! ­čĹő I am Delphine,
a UX/UI designer based in Berlin*, Germany.
I have a degree in Graphic Design, with competences in illustration and video, with experiences in international work environments.
I am interested in education, diversity and accessibility topics.

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You can see my UX/UI projects down below or check my portfolio in graphic design and more.

* Open to relocate in Leipzig, Karlsruhe, N├╝rnberg, D├╝sseldorf and Bielefeld

Digital companion for a famous Hamburg underground station (with Deutsche Bahn and HVV)

For this project, I worked for Deutsche Bahn to create an app to help travellers find their way in the ┬ź foxhole ┬╗ of the Jungfernstieg station.

This navigation app comes with mutiple features that are here to help the most users possible, thanks to the possibility to select your itinerary with elevators or escalators, different maps and Augmented Reality, as well as an audio-guide option. It was created with the travellers we met during our visit in Hamburg.

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VeriQR – be verified by your peers

Project done during the UITHackaton ’23, to help bring safety and awarness about violence against LGBT+ people.

User can endorse and verify the profil of another person, making it safer for the whole community.

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Mock up VeriQR app

Tracking app for artists

Creating an app to help hobby artist sell their art at a good price.

The app give the opportunity for any artists to know precisely how much money they spend on their art supplies, as well as their time. They can then have a chart and see they incomes progressing. The community is also a good place to find support and challenges.

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How to sell your ceramics online?

Clay is our playground: an e-commerce project for a small Berlin store.

This website is here to showcase the work our client is making. After exchanging about her values and organizing her products in categories, this is the result.

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Looking for a job but make it more fun

Redesigning the Indeed app so the user can understand better how is job search is going.

Based on my experience (and other friends’) using the Indeed app, I wanted to make it easier for the job seeker to understand how her or his application is being processed, with the goal of supporting them during this experience.

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To know more about my competences, you can also check
my graphic design portfolio

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